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  • 1: No intentional Teamkilling
  • 2: No sitting in spectator when you don't like a map
  • 3: No being a dick, i.e. no direct verbal or intentional malicious insults against others. Please respect other users' screen space and refrain from spamming links or gooning over 2d/3d women.
  • 4: No micspam or chat spam, or you will be gagged/muted. It does not matter if you were only doing it in spec or "you would turn off the music if people asked", this is us asking you to not micspam or chatspam, period. Renaming yourself after being gagged, evading the mute/gag, or continuing your behavior after your mute/gag is up will warrant a tempban.
  • 5: Be nice/helpful to newcomers
  • 6: Do not advertise, harass or otherwise ask pubbers playing in the server to pug, or ask everyone to play on a different server. You will be tempbanned from both pub and pug servers.
  • 7: When going AFK, please add an [AFK] tag to your name and go to spectator. AFK players sitting idle in spawn will be kicked.
  • 8: No Specstacking, defined as swapping to spectator, waiting for someone on the opposite team to get autobalanced, and joining that team. It does not matter if your friend is on that team or if you just like one team.
  • 9: Intentionally making the ghost unplayable (i.e. throwing it off buildings or disconnecting while holding it) will make you subject to punishment.
  • 10: Absolutely NO Ghost Hopping, no matter the distance, speed, or if you only chained two/three jumps. You will be banned. With the addition of the Anti-Ghosthop plugin, any attempts to mitigate the plugin will also be dealt with accordingly.
  • 11: Do as admins ask, no matter what. This includes complying with mutes/gags/renames. Disconnecting and rejoining after a mute/gag or changing your name back to what it was before an admin renamed you will make you subject to punishment.

  • People with VAC bans are one a one strike policy. Any rule violation will be met with a permaban. No ifs, buts, or "it was just a trade ban" excuse. If you are found to have an alternate account with a VAC ban which was used to play on BonAHNSa, you will also be held accountable for it.

    Cheating via external programs or clients (Aimbots and wallhacks) will make you subject to your IP address being published. This does not include external scripts which enhance player performance, such as scripts found on our mod page.
    If you disagree with, or believe you cannot follow the rules listed above, you are encouraged to disconnect or not play at all.
    By connecting, playing and continuing to play on BonAHNSa, you agree to follow these simple rules, and acknowledge that admins can and will deliver punishments and penalties for failure to follow any one. Ignorance of these rules is not an excuse for breaking them. Permabans on the pub server will also apply to Bonahnsa's PUG server.


  • No (hard) porn, blatant offensive imagery, gore, or anything you know shouldn't be sprayed. In short, the 'limit' is anything you would see on Redlight.

  • Punishment Procedures:

    First offense: Warnings, probably a slap or a round-long mute/gag depending on the offense.
    Second Offense: Kick from the game, or even a timed ban depending on the offense.
    Third Offense: Ban, two weeks, with chance of appeal to cut this time short.
    Fourth Offense+: Ban, three weeks, no chance of appeal. Each continuing offense after will increase the ban time, and/or eventually lead to a permaban.

    Certain circumstances, such as DDOS threats, cheating, constant problem causing, or other offenses may be dealt with at the discretion of the Admin team, potentially up to a permaban.


    !radio: Plays the NEOTOKYO soundtrack
    !nominate: Allows you to pick a map for the voting cycle
    !rtv: Casts a Rock The Vote, when half the server Rocks The Vote the voting cycle begins
    !votealltalk: Starts an All Talk vote (Can be buggy)



  • Dennogin (Owner)
  • Wahaha
  • Kudegra
  • Hosomi
  • Gabe
  • MilK
  • Porpoise
  • Oni
  • Lili

  • Moderators:

  • Moffin
  • Zippy
  • Dommler
  • Diejoubu
  • LegoRacer
  • Jef
  • 3low
  • NeotokyoScrub
  • Momosu
  • Infrequent

  • =====================

    Recent Changes/Additions/News:

    October 13 2023:
    Added Infrequent to the moderation team.
    February 18 2023:
    Added Rain's audible reload sounds. [Github Link Here]
    February 14 2023:
    Added Momosu to the moderation team.
    February 09 2023:
    Added Lili to the admin team
    January 23 2023:
    Installed Rain's Physics Unstuck plugin, still in an experimental state so if there are any issues/bugs concerning physics collisions, crashes or otherwise please forward to Dennogin or Rain.
    January 17 2023:
    The crashes on map change/load should now be corrected. This was due to faulty database configuration.
    August 29 2022:
    Updated bonahnsa_hub to Version 2.
    August 18 2022:
    Removed Devastator from the Admin team.
    August 13 2022:
    Removed Kinoko from the moderation team.
    June 03 2022:
    Added Core, Club and Isolation to the random cycle list while removing them from the nomination list (They will appear randomly instead of being nominated), Removed Disengage from the nomination list (We play Engage more often anyway)
    May 14 2022:
    Added Shinkansen and readded Shipment to the maplist.
    April 23 2022:
    Removed Deathmatch plugin due to an error.
    April 22 2022:
    Added Tetsu B2 to maplist. Added the Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed plugins.
    April 21 2022:
    Unlocked the server.
    April 20 2022:
    Locked the server to observe Creamy's shutdown.
    April 19 2022:
    Added the MOTD page.

    The Table of Horrors

    The Table of Horrors lists egregious offenders who have committed unforgivable acts on the server
    Offender NameOffender Steam IDOffender IP AddressReason for addition to the TOH
    [Sex,Anime,Phonk] Renko_UsamiSTEAM_0:1:1805302278.107.206.179Spraying CP on the walls